FF Tactics Series

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FF Tactics Series

Post  aiornieu on Tue Aug 07, 2012 5:10 am

So I went to my usual "Dinosaurs R' Us" gameing place

and what do I find in the PSX section but the Holy

Fucking Grail of bargin bins, Final Fantasy Tactics (Not

a Greatest Hits version) and it was only 12$. I think

people would love this place I go to anyway, they get

their hands on some of the best games out there. For

christ sake, they have like 10 copies of FFVII in mint

condition and their asking for 20$-50$ for it depending

on the condition.

So I just started the game yesterday and I'm in love

with it so far. I'm not big into tactical games. Disgaea

and Advance Wars the only ones I've found acceptible but

still annoying as shit. The game is simple yet it does

kick your ass every now and then. Plus, I'm enjoying the

story. The main character Ramza really reminds me of

Vaan unfortunetly but there is a good side to that.

Although the story seems to really be about Delita and

his influence on the war in the story and Ramza is the

side character, Ramza is also a big influence to the war

because of his family ties and his involvment with

several instances.

I did try the Tactics Advance for GBA and it was awful

but it's kinda hard to live up to this game. What is

everyones feelings for the Tactics series?


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i luv that game

Post  reiki07 on Sun Aug 26, 2012 9:35 am

well, i agree with you that game is good. The story, game play, and the way you can do to all the characters. If you dislike the gba version, why dont you try the nds version. The FFT A2. I dont remember how was the gba version, but i can say the FFT A2 is far better. Though i stop half cross that game


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Re: FF Tactics Series

Post  Zergling_man on Sun Aug 26, 2012 1:36 pm

reiki, probably worth noting that that's a bot.

But hey, a FF Tactics discussion can go ahead anyway. But I cannot partake, since I've no experience with it.

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Re: FF Tactics Series

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